Training Public Speaking and Presenting. Learn to speak confidently and persuasively
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Public Speaking and Presenting

Learn to speak confidently and persuasively

In any situation

Participants learn to:

  • Speak convincingly
  • Stand confidently in front of any group
  • Tell an enthralling and clear story


After finishing this course you will:

  • Speak persuasively and with power
  • Listen effectively and react cleverly
  • Phrase concise arguments
  • Activate and motivate your audience

You will learn skills that match your own speaking style and situation. Afterwards, you will speak energetically, inspirationally and persuasively. You will be able to control your nerves, speak with calm confidence and react effectively to a tough crowd. Our course is applicable to a wide variety of public speaking situations: public speech, opening speech, announcement, plea, or presenting a new idea or project.

We have helped hundreds of trainees who now apply their skills in the following situations:

  • Work meetings and discussions
  • Speeches and interviews
  • Presentations (however big or small)
  • Networking events

This course will help you speak confidently and persuasively. In any situation.

Read more about the programme and our trainees

Is this course a good fit for me?

This course is for anyone who wants to get better at speaking, persuading and presenting. During our hands-on sessions you learn from experience by immediately implementing feedback. We help you to reach your full potential by swiftly putting short blocks of theory into practice until practice makes perfect.

Is this you?

  • I feel nervous when I have to present
  • I have a clear vision and story in my head, but verbalizing it is hard.
  • My presentations are often dull and monotonous
  • I find it difficult to immediately react effectively. Hours after a conversation, it suddenly comes to me what i should have said.
  • I find it hard to inspire others with my ideas and stories

This course has been succesfully completed by – among others – managers, politicians, lawyers, teachers, marketeers and social workers.

Do I have to speak English flawlessly?
Definitely not! There are no strict requirements with regards to the level of English proficiency. However, most of the trainees for this course speak English (as a second language) in their day-to-day job, so a basic level of business English is desirable. Also good to know: the trainer is not a native Englishman himself.

Will we teach you to speak English flawlessly?
The aim of this course is to improve your persuasive and presentational skills, not to improve your level of English. We will not focus on possible challenges with regards to speaking a different language. We only focus on challenges with regards to speaking in public.


Our motto is: ‘learning by doing’. We don’t want you to endlessly listen to our trainer telling you all about the theory of public speaking. We want you to put it into practice! That is why we want there to be at least two weeks in between each course day. In this meantime, you can practice your new skills.

Day 1:

  • The what and how of persuading
  • Presenting persuasively
  • A clear structure
  • Tips and tricks regarding persuading
  • Phrasing arguments concisely

>> At least two weeks between the sessions.

Day 2:

  • Keep it short and simple
  • Learning from the best: analysing world-famous speeches
  • Your own public speaking style
  • How to react to criticism and fallacies
  • Analysing your own presentation (video)

Our trainees value the Public Speaking and Presenting course at a 9,2 out of 10.

After completing the course…

You’ll take your skills to the next level with our coaching sessions

Do you want to learn and practice even more during a one-on-one session? At least 60% of our trainees do! During our coaching sessions you will work intensively on the subjects that are important to you. For more information about coaching you can contact us.

We value our trainees

Our main goal is to ensure that our trainees are content. Luckily, our trainees state that they have learned a lot in the Public Speaking and Presenting course. They say that the course offers a safe and pleasant environment to work on public speaking skills. Also, practicing together and receiving feedback from the trainer as well as the trainees is highly appreciated.

Frequently received feedback:
Safe environment, positive energy, learned a lot, effective exercises, good lunch, helpful feedback, nice exercise-theory ratio, tired but content at the end of the day, challenging.

The teaching-style of this trainer is totally different than I’ve ever experienced before. She will change your perspective on presentations from the start and forces you (in a lovely way) to think and speak differently. The tools that she offers are very hands-on. In summary: an incredibly fun and intensive training in which you really learn to present differently and leave a lasting impression.

Siema Van Dopperen, Datamanager

Kevin is a super enthusiastic trainer, who absolutely sets a good example in how to speak to a group in an inspiring way. During the day there is a lot of room for practice and feedback and you get a lot of tips on how to build your story well.

Mila van Wissen

Very challenging training, you have to work on yourself and that is exactly what I came for. Sjoerd adds another dimension from his experience. Very interesting cases, you also learn a lot from your fellow students.

Peter Kok, manager service delivery

Had a great day! I learned a lot and at the end of the day I was also amazed at the progress I made in such a relatively short amount of time.

Mervin Tans

So glad I registered for this course. I’ve become a lot more confident when giving presentations. The two weeks between day 1 and 2 also ensure that you really put the tips into practice.


Had an awesome training last week. Thanks to Sjoerd’s direct feedback I have made so much progress in only 1 day ! It was also nice that the group was not too big.


Very good hands-on and tailor-made training, great location, strong content and above all the trainer is very good. Also the feedback really focuses on what YOU need and challenges you. Would definitely reccomend! I had to present the following week and for the first time in my life I wasn’t nervous!

Karlijn Leentvaar

Learned a lot during the public speaking training. The trainer and fellow students gave good feedback. It is sometimes difficult to step out of your comfort zone, but with this training I really learned that! It was a nice setting and there was also plenty of time.

Marlou Hensen

Information about the course

We offer this course in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Rotterdam and Utrecht. We start at 09.30 sharp (you are welcome to grab a coffee from 09:00), and we finish around 17:00.

Good to know:

  • Coffee, tea, lunch and snacks are always included
  • All of our locations are easy to get to by public transport as well as by car


Interested in following this course with one or more colleagues?

If two participants from the same organisation register you will get:
a discount of 5% 

If three participants from the same organisation register you will get:
a discount of 10% 

This discount is also applicable when not all participants register for the same date. Registrations must however take place in the same year.


At the end of the second day you will receive a certificate as proof of succesfully completing the course.

Incompany course Public Speaking and Presenting

This course is also available on a costum basis. Do you want to work on your public speaking skills with a group of at least 4 trainees? Just contact us and we will inform you about all the possibilites.


Feel free to call or send an e-mail.


All dates:

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Thursday 03 October 2024Thursday 17 October 2024Amsterdam 5 Spots

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